March 20, 2010

Back home in PNG

Finally we are back home in Papua New Guinea.
As the airplane was approaching Jackson International Airport, Port Moresby, we saw the the ever-green landscape & reef-fringed blue ocean.
We normally complain about the heat & humid, but for now, the warm sunshine is comfortable for the body after spending sometime in ice-covered land.
The words came out naturally - "Thanks God, we are back in Paradise..."

It is funny we always admire sophisticated & efficient society in "developed" countries, but when we come back to Papua New Guinea, we always feel healed from inside. It is difficult to express in words, but Papua New Guinea has something special, for sure.

As soon as we were back, we ate Kaukau (sweet potato), Banana and chicken cooked with coconut milk. Although I like Eisbein & Pilsner, nothing is better than home food with SP Beer !

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