February 07, 2010

LNG project

(Project image by PNG LNG project)
No single day passes without hearing about "LNG Project" in Papua New Guinea these days.
It is US$15 Billion project joint venture led by Exxon Mobil to commercialize the gas reserve in Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and connect it via Pipeline to the plant near Port Moresby. The gas will be cooled there to its liquid state at very cold temperature - "minus 160 Celsius" and shipped out overseas for export.

From politicians, businessmen to local villagers, everybody is talking about LNG Project which is said to bring economy up and thus to improve the life of every Papua New Guinean.

Well, I also wish it would happen, but at the same time would not be surprised if things get worse or nothing good would happen.

Clear example is everywhere - 20 Years of Oil export did not have positive economic impact for the majority of the Southern Highlanders, and what Gold production has changed the life of Western Province people or Misima island people ?
I don't want to see another Bougainville crisis - a civil war originated from world class Copper mine. I wish fair and transparent government will share the benefit of the LNG project via improved service delivery system.
Only Historian of the future generation would tell if LNG project was the right answer for PNG.

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