December 12, 2009

Home-grown Aibika for Dinner

Yesterday, we have harvested the Aibika leaves from our home garden.

Some of you have never heard "Aibika". It is a green leafy vegetable common in South Pacific countries. It goes very well with chicken & other meat and a "Must" ingredients for coastal people of Papua New Guinea.
I did not know that Aibika flower looks like Hibiscus, because nobody awaits here until the plant is flowering - harvest and eat before the flower blossoms.

We cooked the Aibika with pumpkin & chicken for a Dinner.

If you are next time in Papua New Guinea, don't forget to eat Aibika.


Tumaini Cottage said...

That is a beautiful potray of food,Check me out at Tumainicottage.blogspot and see the profile picture of African dish.

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