October 09, 2009

Tsunami panic

After huge earthquakes hit Vanuatu islands yesterday morning (local time), Tsunami alert was sent across the pacific island countries including Papua New Guinea.
Being our memory still fresh after Samoa Tsunami disaster in late September, people are rushing out of downtown Port Moresby for higher area.

I was in a meeting in one office in downtown and around 1040hrs, I was told to vacate the building because of Tsunami alert, some even saying that Tsunami has already hit neighbouring Solomon Islands and on its way to PNG !!

Later I came back to office to find out that there was no Tsunami, and the alert was cancelled at 1018hrs, some minutes before I was told to vacate the building.

Most of the offices, including Banks and schools were closed for the day, even after the Tsunami alert was cancelled as most of the staff has gone home and never returned....

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