June 12, 2009

PAU Birding site - Port Moresby

PAU is one of the Universities in Papua New Guinea run by Adventist Church, but is also known as a Birdwatcher's heaven outside of Port Moresby.
With its peaceful environment, birds enjoy their life without being killed or chased away. There are lots of waterbirds, including endemic species as well as migrant species, all the way from Alaska, on the way to Australia and Antarctica maybe.

Photographed are common species, Pied Heron, Purple Swamphen & Wandering Ducks.
Other species frequent in the area are Comb-Crested Jacana, Spotted Whistling Duck, Pacific Black Duck, Rufous Night Heron, Egrets & Cormorants, Masked Lapwing, Sacred Kingfisher, etc...

My favorite is giant Papuan Frog Mouth, most of the time camoflouged and sleep on one of the trees.

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