November 27, 2007

Way of Life - Coastal Tribe of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is surrounded by the Sea, and life of coastal people is still heavily depending on dug-out canoe: life not changed from thousands of years ago.

Milne Bay Province is made up of more than 600 islands and sea transportation is life-line for the villagers. The kids on the photo are tranporting fish back to their house for the dinner.
To showcase the canoe culture of Minle Bay Province & Papua New Guinea, Kundu & Canoe Festival is held annualy in November in Alotau, provincial capital of Milne Bay Province.
This year, apart from canoes from Minle Bay and PNG, we had visitors all the way from Hawaii, and the Festival is bigger & better every year !

Kundu & Canoe Festival is held 1st Weekend of November (Friday-Sunday).
Photo Below:War Canoe Racing is one of the Highlights of the Festival.

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