September 20, 2010

Goroka Show

Goroka Show, the oldest and largest Cultural Festival of Papua New Guinea has attracted many visitors this year. More than 80 tribes participated in the show during the independence weekend - 17,18 & 19 Sep 2010. For those visited, thank you for visiting the most colorful even of the country, and for those missed it this year, it is not too early to book 2011 show, as accommodation is easily booked out during the show weekend.

September 16, 2010

Happy Independence !!

On 16th September 1975, Australian flag was replaced by a new flag of a newly-born country, Independent state of Papua New Guinea. This year marks 35 years of its independence.
People who normally don't think about the country become very patriotic for this moment, national flags all over the places, people wearing PNG flag-designed shirts, caps and dresses. Celebrations going in the capital Port Moresby and other parts of the country.

Happy Birthday, Papua New Guinea !!

September 03, 2010

Life on the river - Sepik

Sepik River is one of the greatest eco-systems in the world and usually referred as "Amazon in the Asia-Pacific". Apart from its vast rain forest, rich marine and bird life, what makes it more interesting is the people & its culture along the river.

Because of its remoteness, western influence is very much limited and even all the tribes have been Christianized, people still keep their traditional customs and beliefs.

Life on the river has changed very little for centuries; people cultivate land and get harvest, catch fish - still living along with the mother nature.

Sepik River Canoe Safari is to see and experience the river people's life from their level, not from luxurious tourist boat or 5 star accommodation, but stay in the village hut, feel the nature and real culture of the Sepik river and its people.

September 02, 2010

Thoughts for Independence

This is already September.....Christmas is almost coming and we are getting older !!
But before that, Papua New Guineans celebrate independence day on 16th Sep.
Papua New Guinea will be 35 years old, if it is human, graduated from schools, hopefully get married, and have certain position in the society....maybe.

Papua New Guinea is blessed with natural resources, gold, copper, oil, gas in the ground, Marine resources like Tuna, Timber and so on....
But I believe that real resources of the country is human being.

Without developing human resources properly, the country's wealth will be deprived by foreigners/politicians and nothing will be left for the future generations.

Education of children is vital for Papua New Guinea to be truly independent and walk on its feet, rather than being controlled by greedy outsiders even 35 years after independence.

Future of the country is on the shoulder of our children.

August 17, 2010

Mt Hagen Cultural Show

Mt Hagen Cultural Show, or widely known as "Hagen Show" was held over the last weekend.
Colourful tribes got together and competed each other to be the best cultural groups.
There were lots of Tourists from around the world came to see the annual festival.
Photo - A male dancer is busy painting his face before the performance.

August 15, 2010

Between the Tradition and Development

The city of Port Moresby is changing very fast. Lots of New Hotels, Apartment Houses, Shopping Centres and Office Buildings are being built under the name of Development.
Here you can see the new Harbor City Development site, with new ANZ bank headquarter, New Executive Apartment and land reclamation site for further construction.
Right at back of it is Hanuabada village of Motuan people; life not much changed for hundreds of years since they have built the village on the water after migrating from other pacific islands.
It is a clear contrast of tradition and Development facing each other.
Everybody wishes for a comfortable modern life but if you believe in development and chase for it, you will lose your identity forever. Papua New Guinea is one of the last countries in the world which still keeps its own identity but it may have gone very soon....
Nobody knows where this country is heading for.

August 09, 2010

Miss PNG Contest

Miss PNG Crowning Night was held over the last weekend in Port Moresby.
The Event is organized by the Red-Cross Society and thus the charity side of the event is more emphasized than ordinary beauty contests.
The traditional part is unique for Papua New Guinea; each contestant dressed up in their tribal costume and being asked about the knowledge of their indigenous culture.
The Title of 2010 Miss PNG went to Ms James from New Ireland Province.
Unlike some other developed country, Miss PNG contest is still one of the biggest annual events of the country in Papua New Guinea.